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An innovative, different approach to eco-cosmetics

Planet Pure was established in 1999 and has since built up a range of innovative natural products with fair trade ingredients sourced mainly from its own subsidiary in India. The company has a strong focus on its people as well as everything that interconnects with them and a deep understanding of natural resources. Out of this came its first cosmetics line in 2004, named after founder Silvio Perpmer's pride and joy, his five year old son: Eliah Sahil.

Planet Pure lives the natural cycle from the use of organically grown plants to gentle production, where especially the people are looked after, and applies a management that is environmentally friendly and insists on fair trade. Planet pure works only with natural resources, produces "fairly" and creates products out of nature - for people who think about tomorrow.

The company renounces mechanical production, which means that the more people use the products, the more jobs it can create together with its customers. Planet Pure lets hands work wherever possible instead of machines and reserves more than 50% of its jobs for socially disadvantaged people who work with joy and love. Hand-made by Planet Pure means: carefully mixed, gently bottled, joyfully labelled, eco-friendly packed and shipped with wings.

The close collaboration with its subsidiary in India facilitates access to a lot of "eco-certified" products and ingredients for cosmetics and household products directly from India. Planet Pure supports environmental organizations which work to protect nature's beauty, wonders and variety of animal and plant life, in order to preserve this uniqueness for our children.

Planet pure stands for:

  • ecological & economic
  • socially fair
  • natural ingredients
  • renewable raw materials
  • fairly traded
  • fairly produced
  • not tested on animals
  • OGM free
  • promotion of international environmental and social projects.

Eliah Sahil cosmetic products are made of high quality herbal, plant and flower essences, as well as minerals. They are available in powder form. As no water is added, there is no dilution and they consist of 100% natural active substances, free from preservatives, surfactants, fragrances and alcohols. The absense of water means no preservatives are necessary, there is less weight for transport and the products are permitted in cabin baggage on flights, also no danger of leakage – great for travellers!

The high-quality products are tested by independent institutions, certified with the European "Eco Label", the "österreichisches Umweltzeichen" (Austrian Eco Label) and the "BDIH" and guarantee a maximum of quality.

Manufacturer's websites:    www.eliah-sahil.com    |    www.planetpure.com
Manufacturer's facebook page:    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eliah-Sahil/362434650511065

Download Eliah Sahil and Planet Pure brochures:

Eliah Sahil powders and body oils

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